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Endüstriyel Mobil Bilgisayar



  • High brightness ultra-low power LED backlight
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 178 (H) / 150 (V) and 179(H) / 179(V) optional
  • Sun-readable available
  • 10 Steps configurable backlight dimmer and autodimmer
  • Native resolution1024x768px
  • 2xComposite Video
  • one Composite input with autopower/autoswitch
  • 9-36VDC Wide input voltage
  • EN50155 Certificate
  • Special Price: 100.00USD
Endüstriyel Mobil Bilgisayar


XF1000V2 is a 10.4 inches industrial grade XGA monitor, including LED backlight with 400nits, 600nits (HB) and 1200nits (SHB) brightness versions, wide angle panel with Sunlight readable options in Resistive & Multi-touch Projected Capacitive touch panels.

XF1000V2 includes a high featured controller including automatic and manual backlightadjustment, depending of the ambient light, which makes it suitable forapplications from the darkest night (NVIS) to the bright sun light. Besides, theXF1000V2 optionally includes a resistive touch panel with USB controller, addinginteractivity.

The XF1000V2 is available with VGA and Audio input as standard, optional DVI,Composite Video and S-Video inputs. All inputs are available as factory optionon the rear panel. Optionally it includes “all-in-one cable”, with a lockable conector for an easy and quick installation.

XF1000V2 XX – X X X X X
400 nits N No touch N Normal N No video N No audio 2.5 Cable 2.5m
HB 600 nits G Protecting glass D Daylight V Video input A Stereo Audio 4.5 Cable 4.5m
SHB 1200nits U USB touch S Sunlight C Custom length
R RS232 touch

Ürün Özellikleri

Size 10.4 inches
Aspect 4:3
Colors 256K
Native resolution 1024x768px
Resolutions 640x480px to 1920x1440px
Contrast 500:1
Storage temp. -40ºC to 85ºC
Operation temp. -30ºC to 75ºC
Drop 10cm max. (1cm collision to display area)
Vibrations 1G 2-500Hz
Shock 20G 11ms
Input VGA, HDMI or DVI optional
Audio Input Opional
Video input 2 x Composite, optional
Touch panel USB/RS232
Certification EN50155, CE, FCC
Power supply 9-36Vdc