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Endüstriyel Mobil Bilgisayar



  • High brightness ultra-low power LED backlight
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Touch screen optional
  • 10 Steps configurable backlight dimmer and autodimmer
  • Autopower on/off by VGA signal
  • Native resolution1280x800px
  • 2xComposite Video
  • one Composite input with autopower/autoswitch
  • Power 9-36V
  • meets car/truck requirements
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Wide temperature range
  • Shock/Vibration proof
  • Aluminium chassis and rear side
  • Headrest and stand alone mount accessories
  • Customization available for small qty
Endüstriyel Mobil Bilgisayar


XF101W, 10.1 inches high grade monitor, WXGA resolution, includingAFFS+technology (transflective equivalent) with 400nits and up to 800nits brightness. The rugged chassis design makes it perfect for harsh environments as Vehicle fleet management terminal.

The XF101W includes a high featured controller including automatic and manual back-light adjustment, depending of the ambient light, which makes it suitable for applications from the darkest night (NVIS) to the bright sun light. Besides, the XF101W optionally includes a resistive touch panel with USB controller, adding full interactivity.

The XF101W is available with VGA and Audio input as standard, optional HDMI/DVI, Composite Video and S-Video inputs. All inputs are available on the “all-in-one cable”, minimizing the time and cost for the installation and mainteniance, plus it includes a lockable connector for an easy and quick connection. The XF101W is the perfect choice for law enforcement, ambulances, truck and taxi fleets.

XF101W XX – X X X X X
    400 nits N No touch N Normal N No video N No audio 2.5 Cable 2.5m
HB 800 nits U USB touch     V Video input A Stereo Audio 4.5 Cable 4.5m
    R RS232 touch             C Custom length
    UP USB PCAP touch                

Ürün Özellikleri

Size 10.1 inches
Aspect 16:10
Colors 16M
Native resolution 1280x800px
Resolutions 640x480px to 1920x1440px
Contrast 800:1
Storage temp. -40ºC to 85ºC
Operation temp. -20ºC to 60ºC continuous
Drop 10cm max. (1cm collision to display area)
Vibrations 1G 2-500Hz
Shock 20G 11ms
Input VGA, HDMI or DVI optional
Audio Input Opional
Video input 2 x Composite, optional
Touch panel USB/RS232
Rear camera input Optional
Power supply 9-36V DC